Email processing

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Working with e-mail accounts without using a browser window. Allows you to find the desired letter and information in it. Suitable for mass processing of incoming correspondence.

How to add an action to a project?

  • Via the Tools menu:

You can also add it through the Recieve e-mails tool by going to the Advanced View.

What is it used for?

  • Quick access to emails

  • Retrieving data from a letter

  • Activating accounts on sites

  • Removing the necessary letters from the mailbox

  • Delete downloaded emails

How to setup?

Before working with the action, make sure that the option to work through Imap is activated in your account.

Login settings for mail account

  1. We specify the login and password for the account or variables containing data.

  2. Having installed the checkbox, Zennoposter will select the parameters for connecting to the mail server. Doesn't work with all services .

  3. We choose to work with a proxy or through your provider.

  4. Specify the connection server if Zennoposter was unable to automatically detect the settings. The data can be taken on the service website.

  5. After filling in all the fields, click Enter mail to proceed to the next step.

If an error occurs at this stage, a comment will appear in the lower left corner

Correct the error by following the recommendations.

Search for the desired letter from all

Intervals for downloading mail

Letters from services may come with a delay, for this we indicate the time interval in seconds and the number of attempts to download the list of letters. Separator “ ; “On the screen indicates the number of attempts. The first in 15 seconds , the second - 30 seconds , the third - 60 seconds .

Load from a directory not more from than

Specify the number of downloaded letters.

Remove downloaded

Deletes all downloaded messages. If you specified 200 letters in the previous paragraph, then all will be deleted from the mailbox.

Update list

Get a list of folders in mail.

Imap folders - you can mark the folders in which we will search for the desired letter - Inbox, Spam, Outbox, Drafts . If you leave the field empty, the download will be performed from the Inbox and Spam folders.

Load mail

Zennoposter will download all letters from your account according to the parameters specified above.

List of downloaded emails

№1 in the screenshot

The field will show all downloaded messages, indicating the Subject of the message, Name and Mail of the sender.

Options for displaying email content

№2 in the screenshot
a) in the original HTML code.
b) text only.
c) show or hide service headers.

Body of the letter

№3 in the screenshot

Displaying the body of the letter.

Letter search criterion

Specify the search criteria for the letter using regular expressions and click Search for letter. If everything is done correctly, the required letter will be highlighted in green in the List of downloaded letters.

Delete found email

If this setting is enabled, the found message will be deleted from the mailbox after processing.

Click Next and go to the next step

The letter must be in the mail.

Search for an item in the selected email

List of regular expressions and found items

Regular expression name

The name of the regular expression.


What was found using the expression.

Match №.

Often there can be several results for one regular expression. The serial number of the found element is displayed here (numbering from zero!).

Save to variable

In this column, you must select (or create a new) variable where the result of the regular work will be saved.

Copy variable macro to clipboard

Using the buttons highlighted in red in the screenshot, you can copy the variable macro.

Regular Expression Editing

If none of the preset regulars suits you, then you can create your own.

Building from scratch

After clicking on the button with the + (plus) symbol, the Regular Expression Tester window will open, the text of the letter will already be inserted into the text field. All that remains is to create an expression and name it (so that you can easily distinguish it from others), then click OK. After that, your regular expression will appear in the general list.


Pressing the button with the - (minus) symbol will delete the expression currently selected in the general list.


With this action you can edit the highlighted expression.
If a preset expression has been selected for editing, then after clicking the OK button in the Expression Builder, a new regex will be added to the general list.
If a custom expression was selected for editing, then after clicking OK in the Expression Tester, the changes will be written to the same highlighted regex.


After completing all the steps to find the necessary information, click Finish.

Zennoposter will suggest adding the Recieve e-mails action to the project for future use.

  1. Recieve e-mails

  2. Regular Expression Tester

  3. List