JavaScript tester

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The tool allows you to check the correctness of the work of the local JS code. The tester generates the code to be inserted into the action.

Only works with local execution code

How to open a window?

Using the top menu Tools => JavaScript Tester.

What is it used for?

  • JS validation before use in the project

  • Generating code for use in a template

How to work with a window?

  1. Fields for the code to be checked.

  2. In what format should you insert the code into the JavaScript action.

  3. The result of executing the code.

  4. Test code execution.

  5. Close the tester.

It is necessary to carry out mathematical calculations using JS using variables.

JavaScript action and variables.

Before using it in the project, let's run the tester and check the correctness of the code and execution.

The tester showed that we wrote the code correctly - just replace the static values with variables and add JavaScript to the action.

Usage example

Go to the page and execute JavaScript .

  1. We go to the site.

  2. We put the necessary code into the tester and check the work.

  3. Copy the code to insert into the project.

  4. Add JavaScript action in tester format.

Thus, in addition to testing the code itself before using it in the project, Zennoposter will tell you in what format it will be correct to place it in the action.

  1. JavaScript

  2. Project variables