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Allows you to find an error in a project by id, variable or action.

How to open a window in ProjectMaker?

  • Or by pressing the hotkeys CTRL + F

  • For convenience, you can also move the button to the Toolbar from above. You can read how to do this here.

What is it used for?

  • Debugging a project

  • Find bugs, variables and actions

  • Quick jump to a project item

How does search work?

  1. Enter the action id or name in the field.

  2. Set a checkbox if more than one project is open and you need to search in all.

  3. We start the process or close the window.

The screen shows the id of the error

How to get error id

When the project is running, errors may occur in the log.

  1. Hover over the error and press the right mouse button.

  2. We click on the appropriate section.

Starting from ZennoPoster it is possible to copy id not only from the error message, but in general from any message.

Usage example

After writing your project in ProjectMaker, you decide to run it in Zennoposter. During execution one of the threads displayed an error, you need to find and fix it.

  1. We copy the error code to the clipboard.

  2. Go to the Search by project window.

  3. Insert the error id.

  4. We are taken to the action where an error occurred while executing a certain thread.

  5. We fix the error or change the logic.

The method is applicable not only for your own, but also for purchased templates. Often, authors sell their products closed and we cannot see if we can fix it. Just copy the error and pass it to the developer for further fix.

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