Publishing a project

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Publishing will collect all dependent libraries, encrypt, archive and package into a new template. Template sellers no longer need to assemble a set of libraries and transfer them along with the template, describing in the instructions where they should be located. All project execution rights that you have configured will remain unchanged. And with the new upload function to your Personal Account, you do not have to spend a lot of time on supporting and updating your project - you just need to download the update from ProjectMaker, and your clients will receive the update automatically

How to open a window?

  • Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + P (default shortcut)

  • Via the top menu File => Publish Project

  • by right-clicking on the tab of the desired template in the panel of open project

What is it used for?

  • To provide access to the template to ZennoBox or Zennoposter users on a subscription basis.

  • To save plugins ;

  • For encrypting projects that use third-party libraries.


  • Package external dependencies into one project. Now you don't have to think about how to transfer "External Dependencies" to the user.

  • Allows to speed up the execution and running of the project. By precompiling all the logic and project code.

  • Increases security, even if your account is stolen, the project cannot be opened.

How to work with the tool?

What to do?

Here you need to select the desired option for action with the project:

When loaded into UserArea, the project must already exist there.

When saving the plugin, you need to use BotUI as input settings for the future action. Also, it is recommended to study the article Plugins ...

Save to file

Where to save

You must specify the local path on your computer where you would like to save the project.

Embed external libraries

This item appears only when using external libraries.

If you have added external libraries using the block Links from the GAC , then you also need to choose which libraries will be “embedded” into the project and encrypted.

If errors occur, the libraries will have to be placed next to the .zp file of the project.

Encrypt project

It is recommended to mark the "Encrypt project" checkbox when you use third-party libraries.

Upload to UserArea

All you need to select here is the name of the project from the drop-down list. You can learn more about how to sell projects through UserArea and what ZennoBox is in the corresponding articles - Selling bots and ZennoBox.

Embed external libraries

Described above.

If you have added external libraries using the Links from the GAC block, then you also need to select which libraries will be "embedded" into the project and encrypted.

Save as plugin

It is described in detail here: Plugins


All assemblies that you want to publish must be added to the dependent assemblies (if the linked library 1 depends on the library 2, then both must be added to the Reference). Sometimes this cannot be done, since some third-party assemblies can use functionality due to which packaging and encryption can fail with an error, or lead to the inoperability of the finished template. If your project uses external dependencies, always check that the project works. If something doesn't work, the first thing to do is try to exclude assemblies from the union.