Entering captchas manually

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Every day, protecting sites in the form of captchas complicates mass execution. If the services cannot figure it out, then you can always do it manually.

The action only works with simple text captchas. It will not be able to recognize Recaptcha, Funcaptcha, HCaptcha and other complex captchas with it.

How to open a window?

Using the top menu Tools => Enter CAPTCHA manually.

You can also open it through the pop-up window in the lower right corner (this window appears when sending from the Recognize captcha action takes place.

What is it used for?

  • Recognition captcha without using services.

How to work with a window?


Adding the Recognize Captcha action to the project

From the list, select the recognition module MonkeyEnter.dll

Recognition captcha

  1. Captcha to be recognized.

  2. Enter the result.

  3. Press the Enter key.

  4. The answer is added to the variable that we specified when configuring the Recognize captcha action.

This method is not suitable for solving a ReCaptcha2, ReCaptcha3, FunCaptcha, hCaptcha.

Usage example

You need to send a message on the forum where the installed captcha is unknown to the services.

  1. Add the Recognize Captcha action to the project.

  2. Select the recognition module MonkeyEnter.dll.

  3. Open the captcha input window in a convenient way.

  4. We enter the result of the recognition.

  5. We send a message.

Thus, if you come across a new type of captcha, then your work will not be stopped. You can always use an alternative to services in the form of manual input.

  1. Recognize captcha

  2. Recognize ReCaptcha