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Choice of light or dark theme of the program interface.

Light interface:

Dark interface:

To change the theme of the interface, you must restart the program.


Choosing a theme for the editor The appearance of the actions changes depending on the selected theme.

Modern1 editor:

Modern2 editor:

Letter Editor:

Classic Editor:

Classic2 Editor:

Additional action background

When enabled, each action group will have a different background color.


View with additional action background:

View without additional action background:


Draw shadow of action groups

Enabling this setting can slow down the rendering speed!

Setting enabled

Setting disabled

Draw rounded corners for actions and groups

Added in

When this setting is enabled, the corners of actions and groups of actions will be rounded.

Setting enabled

Setting disabled

Contains an additional menu in which you can select the displayed buttons for tools and sections in the main menu of the program. Menu buttons provide quick access to the functions you need.

Tool Button Settings

Which tool buttons to show in the main menu.

After selecting the desired tool buttons, they will appear in the toolbar:

Section Button Settings

Which section buttons to show in the main menu.

After selecting the desired section buttons, they will appear in the main menu:

Arrangement of buttons

You can manually customize the button layout in the Tool Button Settings and Section Button Settings windows. To do this, click with the left mouse button on the required button and drag it to the desired location.

With Reset you can return the buttons in the currently active window to their original state.

Reset All will return the buttons in both windows to their original state.