Search successful exits

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Allows you to find unplanned "successful" completion of the project, as well as breaks in the work of the template.

How to open a window?

We call the context menu with the right button in any part of the project canvas and select “Search successful exits”.

Or through the top menu of the program Edit => Search successful exits.

What is it used for?

Sometimes, through negligence or carelessness, you may not connect two actions using logic arrows, which will cause the project to work differently from what you intended.
It can manifest itself like this: the project completes successfully, but you see that it completed only part of the work, but there were no errors.


In the screenshot above, the project will end with success on the click action. it has nothing to do with other actions.
When there are 5-10 cubes in a project this does not seem like a problem, but if you are working on a large project containing hundreds of actions, then manually finding such a “gap” is unlikely to be much fun.

How to work with a window?

  1. A quick search string for an action or cube with the specified function.

  2. A list of actions that will lead to the successful completion of the project.

  3. Double click on an action in the list and the focus of the project will be shifted to this action.

Function search is performed if it is specified inside the action

Usage example

For debugging, we recommend using this function after writing each template.

  1. We open the window.

  2. We check the list of successful completion with your logic.

  3. We fix the template if necessary.

Thus, if you are mistaken somewhere, the function will always help you by showing successful options for completing the thread.

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