Context recognition

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Allows you to test the work of the Content Recognition action before using it in a project. Determine the minimum boundaries of relevance.

The tester only understands English

How to open a window?

Using the top menu Tools => Context Recognition

What is it used for?

  • Determination of the subject of the text

How to work with a window?

The tester will allow you to determine the relevance of the text without starting the project.

  1. Set the required text in the appropriate field.

  2. We start the text processing process.

  3. Result - what topics can be attributed to the text in percentage.

Usage example

Go to the page of the site, define the main article and check the relevance with a tester.

  1. Go to the page.

  2. Add an effective Article Extraction .

  3. We put the main article in a variable.

  4. Add text to the tester and check the result.

  1. Content Recognition

  2. Article Extraction

  3. Content creation