Emulator window (ZD)

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In this window you can interact with the emulator. All your actions will be broadcast directly to the virtual machine (VM).

Beginning of work

When you just started the ProjectMaker, the emulator window will look like this:

Before working with VM, you need to run it.
After clicking on the "Run Virtual Machine" button, the MEMU emulator starts start.

If you also enabled the "Recording" project, to the canvas with Action will be added two actions - Select the virtual machine and the virtual machine startup

Window components

After successful launch, you will see such a window:

Virtual machine window

Here you can directly interact with VM - click, swipe. All actions are broadcast in Memu.

If "Recording" is enabled, each time you interact with a window on canvas with action will be added appropriate actions.

Emulator control buttons

Вид кнопки


Вид кнопки


Return back.

Return to home screen.

All opened applications.

Zoom in*

Zoom out*

*The scale can also be changed by double-clicking in the window of the emulator by using the mouse wheel while holding the button Ctrl.

The name of the current virtual machine

In the lower left corner you can find a name active at this moment VM

Installed proxy

Displays the currently installed proxy.

You can set using the action with a virtual machine.

Mouse coordinates

If the mouse pointer is within the emulator window, then the current coordinates of the pointer (X, Y) will be displayed here.

Then these coordinates can be used in action Swipe Emulation and Touch Emulation

Context menu

By right-clicking on the item, the context menu will open.

Remove text

Displayed only for input fields.

Allows you to clear the entire content of the input field. If recording is enabled, a keyboard emulation action with this content will be added to the project {AndroidKeys.CLEAR}

Set the value from profile

Allows to set the value from the project profile in the input field.
If recording is enabled, the Set Value action with the macro of the selected profile variable will be added to the project.

Inspect element

Calls the element properties window for more detailed study. Also, the selected element will be highlighted in the Element tree window.

Follow the cursor

When this option is enabled, an element that is under the cursor in the Emulator window will be:

To the action designer

Sends an item to Action designer.

This is a CAPTCHA!

Created action for captcha recognition, with automatically selected parameters for its search. After choosing "This is a Captcha!" two more optional menu item appears.

Stick to the CAPTCHA

Allows you to connect several separate pictures into one and send a one-piece image to the Captcha Recognition Service. It is convenient to use when the captcha consists of several separate items.

Captcha recognition result

Enters the recognition result in the input field and, if the Record is enabled adds the Setting value action.

Search by picture

Allows you to interact with elements using a picture search. Read more In the article Search by picture.