Action Designer (ZD)

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Action Designer is a universal tool for working with elements in the emulator window, which allows you to choose the optimal criteria for the search.

How to call?

There are two ways to call the action designer:

  1. You must click the right mouse button on the element you are interested in in the emulator window and select to the Action designer from the context menu.

  2. The second method - from the Element tree window. Click the right mouse button on the desired element and select To the action designer.

When adding an item to the actions designer, its available properties and their attributes automatically fall into the Element properties window.

Search parameters

Attribute name

An element attribute by which the search will be made.
Available attributes for the selected item can be found in the Element Properties window.


Attribute value.

Search type

  1. text - search on full or partial text entry;

  2. notext - search for elements in which there will be no specified text;

  3. regexp - search with regular expressions;

In the screenshot below shows, it is clear that after clicking the Search button there was at least three items, which is not very good - always try to select such search parameters, so that in the end there is only one element.

Selection action

You can choose one of three possible actions.

Set - Setting value

  • Attribute - an element attribute for which you want to install a new value (only the "Input" attribute is available)

  • Value - is the text you want to insert. You can use both simple text and project variables{-Variable.someVar-}, {-Profile.Name-} and their combinations: Hi. My name is {-Profile.Name-}

Get - Getting the value

  • Attribute - attribute whose value must be obtained.

  • Value - the value of the found attribute appears here.

Available attributes for the selected item can be found in the Element Properties window.

Rise - Execution action

With this action, you can execute touch ("press") and long touch ("long pressing") for the element.

Finishing actions


After you have selected the necessary search parameters and determined with the desired action it will not hurt to test the selected parameters by pressing the appropriate button.


Not a bad idea will leave a comment for action. Automatic comments carry little information

The default comments

Same action, only with user comments

Adding to the project

And at the very end when the parameters are selected, the element is found, selected and the required action is tested, you can click Add to project.