Variables of environments Zennodroid


In addition to user variables, there are also environment variables. They contain various emulator parameters (resolution, geodata, SIM card data, data generated device, etc.), variables and dates, project variables (name, folder, proxy rules, the last error ID, etc.), numerous profile variables (mail, gender, name, etc.).

Below you can read the list of available variables and a description of what is stored in each of them.


  • In Zennodroid, there are some environment variables that were inherited from Zennoposter and later will be deleted from the program. Such variables are marked with a red background.
    The description of these variables is missing here. You can find it in a similar article for ZP - Environment variables in ZennoPoster

  • There are also unique variables for Zennodroid. But in versions 2.2.4 and 2.2.5 they are either an empty string or -1. In future versions, these variables will contain values. You can manually assign it to them using the Profile processing action. These variables are labeled with a yellow background.

The background is unique to ZennoDroid variables, which do not yet contain values.

The background is unique to ZennoDroid variables, which do not yet contain values.

This background is used for variables that will be deleted from the program in the future.

Variables Page

In the version of Zennodroid 2.2.4 and 2.2.5, the variables of the group may be available ({-Page.Url-}, {-Page.Dom-}, {-Page.LastAlertTitle-}), but all of them are empty. In future releases of the program, they will be deleted.
















ID Android device








Year of birth


Month of birth


Country profile


The number of the processor cores allocated to the emulator.


Density (DPI) of the emulator screen


Emulator screen height


Screen width emulator


E-mail address profile


Password of Profile’s E-mail


Emulator latitude (geodata)


Longitude of the emulator (geodata)




IMEI (Wikipedia)


IMSI (Wikipedia)


Profile language (value depends on the chosen nationality)


Login profile


Profile name


Nickname profile


Outdated variable


Operator code


Country of operator


Name of operator










Password profile


ro.product.board (Details can be read in the description of Action with VM, Device model section)


ro.product.brand (Details can be read in the description of Action with VM, Device model section)


ro.hardware (Details can be read in the description of Action with VM, Device model section)


Device manufacturer


Device model


Phone number


Number of RAM allocated to the emulator


Region profile










Answer to the secret question #1


Answer to the secret question #2


Gender profile


SIM Card Serial Number


Surname profile


City profile
























Generated MAC address emulator


Generated WiFi Name


Profile index

Time and date






Current Date and Time in Format dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss (example - 01/25/2020 14:41:18).

You can change the format of the displayed string! To do this, you need to add a format template before the closing bracket.

Example: {-TimeNow.Date dd.MM.yyyy}, after execution we get such a string - 25.01.2020 14.41

Read more about formatting can be found here and here.


Day of month


Current month (number)


This year


Day of the week, in English.


Current hour (in 24 hour format)


Current minute


Current second


Current millisecond


Current Date and Time in format YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS--millisecondes (2020-01-25 14-41-59--834)

Does not support formatting!


Unix-time. Format - 1629891362.23929

Project variables






Full path to profile folder (or empty string if the profile folder is not used).


Directory template


Directory plugin (if the executed template - plugin)


Template name


Current proxy project.


Used rule from ProxyChecker


Time spent on the work of the last performed action


ID of the last action


The text of the last action ending with an error

If the action has no custom comment (Right-click on action => Comment), the empty string will be back.

System Variables (Environment)

String Symbols (String)