Touch Emulation (ZD)

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The action allows you to emulate a touch event within the specified coordinates.

IMPORTANT: during development and during project execution, the emulator size must be the same, because when you change the size, the coordinates of the elements also change.

How to add an action to a project?

Via context menu Add Action -> Android -> Touch Emulation

Or use smart search.

What is it used for?

There are cases when it is either very difficult or impossible to make a click using the Rise Event action, and then emulation of a touch event can come to the rescue.

How to work with an action?


The coordinates of the element you are interested in can be found using the Emulator Window - at the bottom of it, the current position of the pointer is displayed (if it is within the emulator window)

X (from, to) - horizontal coordinates.

Y (from, to) - vertical coordinates.

Touch will be performed within the specified coordinates.

Long tap

Long press.


  • Normal - More likely to hit closer to the center of the object.

  • Equally - even distribution within the specified coordinates.