Element Properties Window (ZD)

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This window displays all element attributes.

When analyzing the structure, the same (at first glance) elements may be found, which can give an incorrect result when working with data. Using the Element properties window, you can study objects in detail, namely their attributes (properties)

How to work with the window?

Turning on the window

To enable it, you need to click in the top menu on the window and select the Element properties item:

If you have turned on the display of the window, but it is still not there, it can help reset the location of the windows to the default value.

You can make it using the Reset Panels button in the program settings, in the “Debug” tab.

Display information on the desired element

There are several ways to display information in this window for the element you are interested in.

Tab "Properties"


This tab is open by default.

It displays the attributes of the selected element.

Button "Show empty fields"

When turned on, in the "Properties" tab, empty attributes will additionally be displayed (if exist).

Before activation

After activation

"Update values" button

Using this button, you can update the attribute values of the element