Setting value (ZD)

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The Set Value action is used to set values for input fields

How to add an action to the project?

Through the context menu, add Action → Android → Set value

Through the action designer.
Or use smart search.

How to choose a field to set the value?

In the emulator window, by clicking the right mouse button on the item to which we want to set the value. From the context menu, select "To the action designer" (1), the constructor will be loaded at the bottom of the emulator window, select the type of action "Set" (2), set the value (3) and click the "Add to project" button (4).

Setup Action: Tab "Main"


The text you want to insert. You can use both simple text and variable macros {-Variable.someVar-}, {-Profile.Name-}.

Setup Action: More Tab

Usage example

By default, on the main screen of the emulator there is an input line for searching on Google Play, let's try to enter some text into it.

  • First, right-click on the field and send it to the Action designer.

  • Next, we check that the element can be found according to the specified search criteria (1), after which you need to enter the required text in the “Value” field (2) and click “Test” (3), to make sure everything is working correctly. And if everything is successful, then you can click "Add to project" (4).

  • The action is added and ready to work.