Rise event (ZD)

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This action is used when you need to click on an element (touch) or press with a short delay in the pressed state (long touch).

How to add an action to a project?

  • Via context menu Add Action -> Android -> Rise Event

What is it used for?

  • touch is most often used for clicks on buttons, menu items, checkboxes

  • long touch is usually used to call an additional menu for elements

Main Tab

Select an event

Choosing what exactly needs to be done with the element. There are two events available - touch and long touch

Search for an element


Center - [long] touch will be executed exactly in the center of the element.
Coordinates - here you can specify the coordinates inside the found element, where the [long] touch will be made.


  • 0;0 - the upper left corner of the element.

  • 99;49- click on 100th pixel horizontally and 50th pixel vertically

  • -1;-1 (and any other negative value) - click on the center of the element.

    • -1; 9- horizontally - the center of the element, vertically - the 10th pixel from the top.

    • 0;-26;- horizontally, the click will be made at the leftmost point of the element, and vertically - in the center of the element.

    • -2000; -3000- click on the center of the element.

  • if a value is set that exceeds the height or width of the element, then it will be reduced to the actual height/width of the element.

More tab

Usage example

This action will be used every time you need to click on one or another element. For example, you need to click on the "Settings" shortcut on the main screen of the emulator. To do this, right-click on it => To the action designer (1), select the “Rise” action (2), the “touch” event and then “Add to project”.