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Working with mail accounts without using a browser window. Allows you to find the desired letter and information in it. Suitable for mass processing of incoming correspondence.

How to add an action to a project?

Via the context menu Add actionProcess e-mail Receive e-mails

Or use smart search .

What is it used for?

  • Quick access to emails

  • Retrieving data from a letter

  • Activating accounts on sites

  • Removing the necessary letters from the mailbox

  • Delete downloaded emails

How to work with an action?

Before working with the action, make sure that the option to work through Imap is activated in your account.

Tab Main

Extended view

When you click on this button, the Email processing window will open.


Email address.


Email password.

Connection settings

Settings auto-detect

When this setting is enabled, ZennoPoster will automatically select the parameters for connecting to the mail server.

Doesn't work with all email providers.

Server, Port, Username, Use SSL, Protocol

All these parameters must be specified in the documentation of the selected mail provider.

How to search mail

Imap folders

Here you can select the folders in the e-mail in which the message will be searched.

Using the button to the right of the field with the selected directories, you can refresh the list of folders.

Regex (Regular expression)

In this field, you must enter a regular expression, according to which the search for a letter in the mailbox will take place.

Intervals for downloading mail .. seconds

Letters from services may come with a delay, for this we indicate the time interval in seconds and the number of attempts to download the list of letters. The separator “;“ in the screenshot indicates the number of attempts. The first in 15 seconds, the second - 30 seconds, the third - 60 seconds.

Load from the catalog no more than .. e-mails

We indicate the number of letters that will be downloaded.

Delete found e-mails

If this setting is enabled, the found message will be deleted from the mailbox after processing.

Search text in the mail

You can save the result of several regular expressions at once!
For example, the letter contains an activation code, website address, phone number, first and last name - you can get all this in one action! It is enough to compose a regular expression for each element and add variables to which the result of the work will be saved.

Regular expression

Here you need to enter a regular expression to find the desired text.

Match N.

Often there can be several results for one regular expression. The serial number of the found element is displayed here (numbering from zero!).

It is not recommended to bind to the match number in your projects. Because today the letter has one structure and the required link is the second, tomorrow the text of the letter will change and the required link will be the 7th.

Try to select the regular expression in such a way that as a result of its work, only one match remains.

Save to variable

In this column, you must select an existing one or create a new variable, where the result of the regular work will be saved.

Save the error into variable

If an error occurs while the action is running, you can save its text by enabling this setting and selecting (or creating) a variable to which the text will be written.

Proxy Tab

Usage example

After registering on the site, we need to confirm your account by going to the mail, get a link to activate your account and follow it to confirm your account.

  1. We register on the site.

  2. Add the Accept Mail action to the project and configure it.

  3. We get the activation link from the desired letter.

  4. Follow the link.

  5. Our account has been activated.

With massive actions on sites, working without a browser saves time and resources. The project will not load the mail service site. Thus, the action will allow you to quickly process information in mailboxes.

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