When you try to send a test message (assuming that the password is correct), you can get an error message “535: Authentication failed. Please verify your account by going to “.

This may be due to the security policy of Mail.Ru, in accordance with which a separate specially created password must be used to access third-party services.

To create a password, you need to do the following:

Open the settings of your Mail.Ru account in the browser and go along the way Settings“ → “Security

Go to the setting “Passwords for external applications“

On the page that opens, click “Add“ (Добавить)

Set an arbitrary name for a new password and click "Continue" (Продолжить)

Next, enter the main password from your account and click "Continue" (Продолжить)

After that, Mail.Ru will create a password to access external applications. Copy the password and press the Close (Закрыть) button.

Created password must be copied and pasted in the Mail service settings.