Send e-mails


Sending notifications to any email address using an SMTP server.

How to add an action to the project?

Through the context menu of Add Action → Process e-mail → Send e-mail

Or use smart search.

What is it used for?

  • You can use it for notifying events in the project - a successful execution, an error, etc.

  • Send messages to the specified addresses from your address.

How to work with action?

First of all, you need to add accounts to the program with which notifications will be sent. You can do this in the settings, on the E-mail (PM) tab.

Sending method

The account with which will be sent notice. You can add a new account in the program settings. You can also use project variables in this field.

To whom

Email address of the recipient.


Message subject.


Message text. You can use HTML markup.

Content type

  • TEXT - choose this item if the message "content" contains plain text only.

  • HTML - this item needs to be chosen if the "content" includes HTML markup.

Attach files

Together with the letter you can send any number of files. In this field, you need to specify the paths to the files, each path from the new line.

Paths can be prescribed manually, select using the "Add" button or specified using the Project Variables.