Google spreadsheets (PM)

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This article describes the Google spreadsheets settings in the program. Connection instructions can be found here - Configuring Google spreadsheets Connection

To start using Google spreadsheets in ZennoPoster, follow these steps.

Specify path to Google OAuth key

Here you need to select the path to the file with the settings for connecting to the Google API.

You can read how to get the OAuth key and set up the connection in the article Configuring Google spreadsheets Connection

The file must have the extension .json

Timeout for clearing up unused Google Spreadsheets

If no project in ZennoPoster uses a Google spreadsheet for the number of minutes specified in this setting, then such a table will be unloaded from memory to save computer resources.

Timeout loading spreadsheet from cloud

Time allotted for loading the table from the cloud.

Policy for handling spreadsheets changes

In this setting you can choose whether ZennoPoster should download third-party spreadsheets changes while working with it.

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