Settings. Plugins

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This article describes the Plugins settings. An article with a detailed description of the plugins themselves is here Plugins

Plugin directory

The directory where installed plugins will be saved.

If you have already installed plugins and you changed the directory for saving them using this setting, then the old plugins will need to be manually transferred to the new folder.

Local plugins

This table shows all plugins installed in ProjectMaker.

Plugin name

The plugin is displayed under this name in ProjectMaker.

File name

The plugin is saved on the computer under this name.

Plugin context menu

When you right-click on the plugin, a context menu will appear.

In detail

Selecting this item will open a window with detailed information on the plugin (provided that the developer has filled in this information)


Using this menu item, you can remove the plugin from the program.

Add plugin

After clicking on the "Add plugin" button, a standard file selection window will appear.

You can select several files at once and install them all at once. If there is an attempt to add a plugin whose file name coincides with the already installed one, a window will appear listing the plugins that could not be installed. Once added, plugins are immediately ready to go.