Table of contents

Table of contents:

Continue project execution

This setting will affect how the project will behave when you click the Next and Until the end buttons.

The next action after the last executed action

The project will continue to run from the next action after the last completed one.

From the selected action

The project will be executed from the action selected by the user in the project outline.

Always ask

Ask the user for a choice.

Execution project from the start

This setting sets the behavior of the project when you click the Restart button.

Execute the first action

When this option is selected, after clicking the Restart button in the project, the focus of the project will be shifted to the first action.

Execute to break-point

When starting the project execution from the beginning, the actions will be performed up to the first breakpoint, or to the end if there are no breakpoints in the project.

Ask user

When starting the project execution from the beginning, the order of execution will be asked from the user.

Debugger options

Delayed rendering of the execution process

Enables rendering of the execution of actions in real time. This setting is useful when debugging long and looping projects.

This setting has been excluded from the program since version

Clear log when starting debugging

Each time you start debugging the project (clicking the Restart button), the log will be cleared.

Extended window for log

The log will be displayed in a window with additional options and the ability to copy text.
You can read more about the functions of the Extended log in this article.

Always display warnings in the log

When this setting is enabled, additional warnings will be displayed in the ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker logs.

For example:

  • the if action exited on the red branch, and even if its red output is connected to another action, the message will be logged: “Execution of the logical operator If Result: false” (only in ProjectMaker)

  • if the actions Set value, Get value, Rise event, etc. do not find an element to interact with, the following entry will appear in the log: “Executing action HtmlElement HTML element not found, according to search conditions” (ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker)

Restart required.

Notify about incompatible browser version

This warning may appear, for example, when a Project is used in a project and a sub-project uses a different Browser Type than the main template.

Example: The nested project uses the Firefox45 engine, but the main one uses Firefox52. When executed (and if this option is enabled), a message will be displayed in the log: "Executing the action ProjectInProject The current Firefox52 browser is not suitable for the attached project, Firefox45 is required. The attached project may not work correctly."

Added in

If this option is enabled, then every time an action completes with an error (and it is not connected to another action on the red line), execution will go to BadEnd. Or execution will go to GoodEnd if the action succeeds, is not connected to another action on the green line, and there are no actions in the current group after it.

If this option is disabled, then execution can only get into Bad / GoodEnd once per launch. Next time it will be possible only after restarting the project using the Restart button.

Re-create theard for executing C# code

In some cases, this setting can help avoid memory leaks in ProjectMaker on AMD processors when executing C# code (the bug is in the .NET Framework). Does not provide for the use of ThreadStatic.

Alert settings

This setting is relevant for notifications displayed on the desktop.

Theme - select a color scheme for notifications.

Increased message size - notifications will be displayed in a larger format.

Location - select the area for displaying notifications in the application window.

Restore the dock panels in case of malfunction (requires restart)

Reset Panels - restores the display of program windows.