Google Spreadsheet

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Creating a Google Sheets

In ProjectMaker

You can create a new Google Sheets from the context menu Add Action → Sheets → Google Spreadsheet :

Or via the static blocks panel:

Or use smart search .

The created table will be displayed in the static blocks panel:

In the cloud

  • Log in to your Google account

  • Go to your Google Drive and in the top left corner select Create → Google Sheets → Create Blank Spreadsheet.

  • You can write any starting data or leave the new table empty.

  • Wait for the table to load and copy the URL from the address bar of the browser, you will need it when linking the table to ProjectMaker.

Table settings

Before you start working with Google Sheets, you need to connect them to the program in Settings. How to set up a connection can be found in the article Set up a Google Sheets connection

The main


In this input field, you must insert a link to the table with which the work will be performed

Reload Google Sheets

This button allows you to refresh the data in the table.

It can be useful if the changes were made not through the program, but from a regular browser or from another device.

Google Sheets Preview

This window will display the table data.

Not all data from the table may be displayed here, but only a part.

Save spreadsheet changes in cloud

Is it worth saving the changes that ZennoPoster will make to the table to the cloud?

First line - headers

Use the first row of the table for headers

Add rows automically

Enabling this setting can be useful when several copies of ZennoPoster are working with the table at once. You can read more about atomic addition in the article Multithreaded work with Google Sheets (Version and higher)

Keep pinned rows and columns

If the spreadsheet has pinned rows or columns and you want to save this pinned state you should enable this option.
Additional requests will be sent to the Google API. This requests spend the API limits.

Line separator

Specifies what will be used as the table row separator. The separator can be "New line", "Custom separator" or "Several separators"

Column separator

Specifies what will be used to separate the table columns. As a separator, the character ";", the tabulation character "Tab", any of its own separators or several separators can be used.

View the content

Allows you to view the entire contents of the entire table. In this section, you can enable the display of control characters, set a filter to search for the desired string and cell, and also use the filter constructor.

How Google Sheets work in a program

  • With each new start of the project, the program creates a virtual copy of the Google-spreadsheet.

  • The virtual copy contains all the data from the Google Sheets.

  • During the project execution, the program works with a virtual copy.

  • If the Save spreadsheet changes in cloud box is checked, the program will periodically write data from a virtual copy to your Google spreadsheet.

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