Table of contents

In the program settings, you can set hotkey combinations for ease of use.

Keyboard shortcuts

Enter or Space - open action settings
Esc - close action settings
Clrl + C - copy the selected action
Ctrl + X - Cut Selected Action
Ctrl + V - paste an action from the clipboard to the area of the mouse pointer
Delete - delete the selected action
Up - move the cursor up the group or to the previous action
Down - move the cursor down the group or to the next action from a successful exit
Left - move the cursor to the first incoming action or up in the group
Right - move the cursor to the next action from a successful exit or down the group
Ctrl + Right - move the cursor to the next action from an unsuccessful exit
PageUp - go to the first action in the group
PageDown - go to the last action in the group
Ctrl + Z - undo
Ctrl + Y - redo
Ctrl + N - new project
Ctrl + O - open project
Ctrl + S - save current project
Ctrl + Shift + S - Save All Open Projects
Ctrl + Alt + P - publish the project
F3 - open regular expression tester
F4 - open X / JSON Path Tester
F8 - hide browser
Ctrl + F - search by project
Delete - deletes the selected action

Mouse operations

Double click on action - open settings
Middle mouse button held down - dragging the project canvas
Ctrl + mouse wheel - zoom in / out the canvas
Double click on an empty space - return the scale to 100%
Double click on the exit (successful / unsuccessful) then double click on the entrance - creating a connection

Hotkeys when debugging a project

Ctrl + R - enable / disable recording
F5 - start project from the beginning
F10 - go to next action
F11 - execute until breakpoint
Shift + F5 - stop debugging

Hotkeys when editing a C # macro

Ctrl + C - copy selection
Ctrl + X - cut selection
Ctrl + V - paste selection
Ctrl + G - go to line number n
Shift + Delete - cut the current line
Ctrl + K - comment out the selected lines
Ctrl + U - uncomment selected lines