Table of contents

Project editor settings

Open project that were not closed during last session at startup

All projects that were open before the last closing of the program are opened.

Draw element screenshot (if available)

A screenshot of the corresponding element is drawn on the action block. Increases the weight of the template, but helps to better navigate in it.

Do not fill action settings cache

Disables filling the action settings cache to speed up the program run.

Show resulting variable in the action block description

In the comment of some action blocks, where the return of the result to a variable is implied, will be displayed action name → {variable}

Sort project variables alphabetically

The variables will be listed alphabetically.

Enable autocomplete in dropdown lists

When you enter the name of a variable or list/table in the drop-down list, auto-typing will work. It will allow you not to write the entire title in its entirety and quickly fill in the field.

Restart required

Don't ask to save a new project

Removes the save dialog for new projects after clicking the "Restart" button.

Suggest to create actions for a new line

Automatically display a list of actions to add when creating a new line from a cube.

Show Window for quick move to actions

When you hover over the attachment points of the lines, a quick transition to actions window is displayed.

Action properties

Limit width of action properties

Control the grid of the “Action Properties” window by making it fixed or rubberized so that the content will adjust to the width of the window.

Open multiple action properties in “…“ mode

Allows you to open several action settings at once next to the cube. By default, enabled only in “Without Browser” mode.


Maximum height of the log message before scrolling

Log record height before scrolling.

Height of line in variables list before scrolling

The height of the cell in the Variables window before the scroll appears.

Number of lines in static blocks before scrolling

The number of lines in the static block section before the scroll appears.

Number of recently opened project

Allows you to adjust the number of last open projects on the start page .

Autosave timeout

The time after which the project will be automatically saved (set in minutes).

C # snippets directory

Directory from which you can automatically load C # snippets into the program.

The default directory is c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ZennoLab\ZennoPoster\7\Snippets\ (instead of USERNAME, you must substitute the name of the user from under which you are working)

Font for C # and JavaScript code

The font used in the C # block . The default is Lucida Console size 8.

Remember the cursor position in the C # block

The code opens on the line where you finished editing. When the setting is off, the place of the last edit is remembered.

Default the numbering in C # block

Enables automatic line numbering in a C # block .

Wrap lines in C # code by default

Enables automatic line wrapping in the properties window of C # code actions if the line does not fit in the current window.

Below you can see an example of the same window with the line wrapping option turned on and off.

Setting enabled

Setting disabled

Mass encryption of projects

Edits the Protection modules for all projects open in the program.