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A navigation window that allows you to quickly find and add an action to a project by name or function.

How to open a window in ProjectMaker?

Method 1:

Method 2:

Call a pop-up window by pressing the hot key combination Ctrl + T

What is it used for?

  • Search for an action by function or name

  • Adding an action to a project with a selected function

  • Fast transfer of actions by double click

How to work with the action window?

When the window is active, pressing the key combination Ctrl + T will place the cursor in the search bar

Search by action name and add to project.

  1. In the search bar, indicate the name.

  2. Select the required action from the proposed options.

  3. Move the cube into the project by double clicking the left mouse button or cursor.

Smart Search understands alternative names. example. - regular

Search for an action by function name and add it to the project.

  1. Enter the name into the search bar.

  2. From the proposed options, select the required action with a function.

  3. By double-clicking the left mouse button or holding down the cursor, transfer the cube to the project.

  4. A cube with a specific function appears in the project.

The action is created immediately with the selected function

An alternative way to add actions.

Opening the context menu with the right mouse button in any part of the project window.

Usage example

The window will allow you to quickly find and add actions to the project. If you forgot where the required function is, just enter it in the search. Thus, the time for writing a project is reduced.

The action window contains all the huge functionality of the program, it is more than a hundred functions.
Enter keywords to find the function you want:

Help on the available actions can be found here: Actions

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