Browser tab control (browser tab)

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Browser tab is a tab with a website in the browser

In the picture we have a tab with the name “page” open and the Google start page is loaded.

Where is it applicable: 

  • Working with multiple sites at the same time

  • Closing pop-up sites

  • Open an additional browser window with the desired site

  • Go to the desired window with the site

  • Assigning a name to the site window for easy navigation when working


How to add an action to a project?

Via the context menu Add ActionBrowserTab control

Or use smart search .

How to work with it?

Activate tab

This action only works with already open windows.


  • By name - a window with the name specified in the action will be active in the browser. You can specify a variable with the name of the tab.


It is important to respect the case of the tab name. If your tab is named Google, and the action name is google, then the action will not be executed.


  • By number - a tab by number will open starting from left to right.

Tabs are numbered starting from 0. The first tab will always be number 0, all subsequent ones, respectively, 1, 2, 3

Open tab

  • The cube will create a new browser window with the given name. You can also specify a variable in the field if you generate a name at random or use a prepared list.

Close tab

  • Active - the tab that is in front of your eyes.

  • By name - specify a name or a variable containing the name of the tab, respecting the case of the name.

  • By number - indicate the number of the tab. The numbering goes from left to right starting from 0. If you need to close the very first tab, then specify zero in the field, the subsequent tabs are 1, 2, 3….


Usage example: 

You register on the site and you need to confirm your account via mail.

  1. Choose to open the tab by specifying the name

  2. We load the site and execute the necessary actions

  3. We choose to close the tab by specifying the window name from point 1 or number

  1. Browser window

  2. Web-page settings