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Specifying the maximum time to wait for a site to load on a specific tab. The default is 120 seconds.

How to add an action to a project?

Through the context menu Add ActionTabsSettings

Or use smart search .

What is it used for?

Changing the site load timeout may be required in cases of long page load.

How to work with an action?

  1. We specify a pause or a variable to wait for the site to load in seconds.

  2. For which tab to apply:
    a) Active - the current tab that is in front of your eyes
    b) First - leftmost tab
    c) By name - indicate the name of the tab or variable respecting the case
    d) By number - counting from left to right starting from 0 . You can use a variable

Tabs are numbered from left to right and always starts at 0.

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