Adding a proxy

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To start working in ZennoProxyChecker, you need to add a proxy to the program (Sources tab). This can be done in several ways.

Adding with the Help Wizard

Proxies can be stored in different formats and in different forms, on a computer in a file or on a web page as a list. To make it easier to add a proxy, the program has a built-in Help wizard that will offer you to execute the appropriate actions step by step:

  • Insert directly - Insert the proxy address directly into the program.

  • Add source - specify a file or a web-page containing the list of proxies.

  • Add source list - specify a list of files or web-pages containing the list of proxies.

  • Specify path to the list of proxy sources - specify a file or a web-page containing paths to the lists of proxies.

Adding a proxy manually

Proxies can also be added manually using the Add proxy option - insert proxy into the program directly. The proxy address format is ip:port for regular proxies, and username:password@ip:port for authorized proxies.

Or Add source by specifying a file path or web-page address with a source/list of sources/list of paths to proxy sources.

During adding a source, you can customize it by specifying various parameters for parsing and checking proxies.

Auto-search for proxy sources

The program can itself find proxy sources on the Internet and automatically add them to the program.

To do this, you need to enable the auto-search option on the Control tab.

Sources found using auto-search will be added to the program and checked in accordance with the auto-search settings specified in the main program settings.