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Depending on your needs, Proxychecker allows you to check proxies in manual and automatic mode.

Manual mode

The manual mode of the program is needed to check your proxies here and now, and select working ones.

In manual mode, you can select several sources, and without activating the automatic mode, download proxies from them. Then, you can check these proxies. They will be checked immediately and all live ones will immediately appear in the live list.

After that, you can change/supplement the check parameters, and execute an additional check of live proxies - only live proxies will be scanned, which is many times faster, and all new checks will instantly be reflected in the live list.


If your projects constantly need working proxies, we recommend using auto-mode. In this mode, the Proxychecker will automatically search, download, check, filter and output proxies. You only need to configure the auto-mode parameters, such as auto-search settings for proxy sources, intervals and frequency of checks, application of rules and outputting proxies.

Auto-mode is activated by the Start button on the Control tab.

The program work in auto-mode is controlled by buttons in the workspace on the Control tab or on the Auto-mode Panel on the Main window (Sources) tab. You can enable automatic search (1), load (2) and check (3) proxies, clear the list of live proxies (4), output proxies (5) by specifying the necessary settings.

Auto-search proxy

Proxychecker can independently search for sources of proxies on the Internet, ensuring the constant addition of new proxies to the database. Auto-search parameters are set in the main settings of the program. There you can configure parsing and check parameters for proxy sources, as well as configure auto-search restrictions.

The settings for parsing and checking proxies during auto-search are identical to those when adding a proxy source. In addition, in auto-mode, you can set the interval for downloading the proxy from the source, the minimum interval between checks and the minimum interval for taking from the live list.

Limit settings allow you to set parameters for stopping auto-search so as not to overload the system.

Autoload and check proxy

The automatically found sources will be processed by the program, from which the proxy will be downloaded and checked in the same automatic continuous mode. Proxychecker allows you to load proxies from sources into multiple threads. In total, up to 20 threads are available for loading proxies.

Loading proxy sources even in Pro versions of the program is limited to 20 threads. Perhaps this will not seem enough to you. Therefore, for the Pro versions of the program, we have added the ability to increase the number of threads.

To do this, close the program and open the file:

for ZennoPoster version older than

for ZennoPoster 7

for ProxyChecker version older than

And write the required number of threads in the settings:

LoadProxiesValueByUser = N

LoadProxiesValueByUser1 = N

Where N-is the desired number of threads. After that, you need to save the file and run the program.

Checking is also executed in multiple threads. Proxychecker allows you to use up to 500 threads for automatic proxy checking.

Clearing the live list

To keep actual live proxies in the list of checked proxies, the program can automatically clean up outdated proxies. In the settings of the Clear list option, you can set the proxy lifetime, after which the proxy will be considered obsolete (dead).