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The "Control" tab (available immediately after starting the program) - through it, the proxy collection is monitored, as well as the setting of each stage.

Control Panel

Start\Stop - using these buttons starts/stops proxy collection and check.

Filters are a set of rules applied to proxies before being added to the program database after downloading them from the source. More details can be found in the article Filters

Rules are a set of conditions by which you can take a proxy from the live list. Read more in the article Rules

Network Monitor - using this built-in utility, you can test the Internet connection for the maximum number of simultaneous threads

Help - opens Help in the browser.

Proxy sources

Loading proxies from sources is configured here.

When you click in the area where the number of sources is displayed, you will be redirected to the Sources

Number of sources

The bottom number displays the total number of sources stored in the database.

The upper one is the number of working sources.

Load proxies

When you click on this button, the collection of proxies from sources will be started.

Source loading settings

You can regulate how many threads will be involved in downloading proxies from sources, for this you need to click the button with the gear icon.

The button is active only when proxy download is enabled.

When this option is activated, ProxyChecker will independently search the Internet for sources with a proxy.

By clicking on the gear, the source settings will open, which will be applied to the found sites (you can read more about these settings in this article).

In the program settings, you can set the limits at which the auto-search will stop.

Proxy base

Here the process of directly checking the proxy starts, when you click in the area where the number of proxies is displayed, you will be redirected to the Sources

Check proxies

This button starts the verification process.


When you click on the button with a gear, the scan settings will open.

Here you can set the number of scan threads and the limit on the number of live proxies, upon reaching which the scan will be stopped.

Live proxies

The number of live proxies is displayed here and the time during which the proxy is considered live is configured. When you click in the area where the number of live is displayed, you will be redirected to the Proxy

Clear list

When activated, the live list will be cleared according to the live proxy lifetime setting.

Proxy Lifetime

When you click on the gear, a settings window will open in which you must specify how long the proxy is considered live.

Proxy issuance

Go to the tab for outputting proxies.

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