Keyboard emulation

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Emulation of typing or keystrokes on the site.

How to add an action to a project?

Via the context menu Add ActionEmulationKeyboard Emulation

Or use smart search .

What is it used for?

  • Filling in input fields

  • Typing

  • Keystroke emulation

How to work with an action?

Setting up the action

  1. Field for text, variables and special keys.

  2. Pause between a set of characters.

It is allowed to use simultaneously text, variables and special keys.

Static text

  1. Enter static text.

  2. We set the input parameters.

The text will remain unchanged throughout the entire project.

Working with variables

The variable in the action will allow you to enter new text each time.

  1. We set the required variable.

  2. We fix the delay slider.

The text will change depending on the content of the variable.

Using special keys

Allows you to emulate the keys Enter , CTRL , END , etc.

  1. Place the mouse cursor in the Text field.

  2. Call the context menu by pressing the CTRL + Space hotkeys.

  3. Select the required key from the list.

Usage example

Many resources have learned to track keystrokes, so for maximum reliability, it is recommended to fill out forms through keyboard emulation.

It looks something like this:

  1. We go to the site.

  2. Go to the section for filling out the profile.

  3. We put the necessary data into the corresponding variables.

  4. Adding variables to the keyboard emulation action.

  5. After placing the cursor in the input field, start the cube.

  6. The site regards us as a real user and accepts the data.

  1. Project variables

  2. Project settings

  3. Mouse emulation