Pageview simulation


This action is used to simulate page activity. In the process of cube work, mouse movements and scrolls with random speed and pauses will be performed on the active tab.
The logic of the work takes into account the location of HTML elements on the page so that the behavior is maximally resembled the actions of the real user.

How do I add an action to a project?

Via the context menu: Add Action -> Emulation -> Pageview simulation


Or use smart search.

How to work with an action?

The action should be executed after navigating to the target web page. There are two options for configuring an action:


In this mode, the default settings will be used.


In this mode, the user has the ability to configure the parameters of the action. At the moment, you can only configure the minimum and maximum time spent on the page. A target time will be randomly selected from the specified interval each time the action is executed.

Action limitations

  1. Supported only in CEF (Chrome) and Chromium.

  2. It does not take into account the ForceTouch value yet, so it is not recommended to use the action with mobile profiles.

  3. The time specified in the action settings is indicative. In certain cases, a slight overshoot may occur. For example, if you specify the time on the page from 10 to 10 seconds, then the cube can be executed, for example, 11 seconds.