Table of contents

Clear cookies automatically

At the beginning of the project, the cookie will be cleared automatically. This setting is equivalent to the Clear Cookie action.

Search all forms on page

Enables searching for elements in all forms on the page. Relevant for the action designer .

Search all documents on page

Enables searching for items in all documents on the page. Relevant for the action designer .

Automatically insert project directory macro

When specifying the path to the file, the {-Project.Directory-} directory macro of the project will be inserted automatically. For example, in the properties of a list or table, when selecting a file from the hard disk, if the file is in the template folder or below, in one of the subfolders.

Highlight the current element in the browser

To apply the setting, you must restart the program.

This setting is responsible for highlighting HTML- elements with a blue border in the browser window.

It updates the DOM tree of the site page by adding at the end:

<div id="zp_fr_hl_top_hl" style="visiblity:hidden"><div id="zp_fr_hl_left_hl" style="visiblity:hidden"></div><div id="zp_fr_hl_right_hl" style="visiblity:hidden"></div><div id="zp_fr_hl_bottom_hl" style="visiblity:hidden"></div><font id="zp_fr_hl_label" style="visiblity:hidden"></font>

If you think that such a modification will de-anonymize you, disable it by unchecking the checkbox.