Update Zennoposter

The Zennoposter update process is similar to the installation process. You can update any previous version to the latest available.

Yes, you can use multiple versions in parallel. To do this, during the installation process, at the “Select installation option” step, select “Installing”, not “Update”.

Quick update

ProjectMaker will periodically check for new updates. If it is available, then when you start the program, a pop-up window will appear asking you to download the new version.

Also, you can find out about the availability of a new version of the program on the main screen of ProjectMaker.


After clicking on the "Download" link, the download process will begin. Upon completion, the status will change to "Successfully downloaded" and you can proceed to the installation by clicking on the link "Set"


Next, follow the installation instructions.

Updating from UserArea

Go to UserArea, find it in the ZennoPoster product section and make sure that the latest version of the program is available to us in the “Last version” column.

Next, click on any mirror in the download column, the installation file will start downloading. When finished, run it and follow the further instructions.

Click on the button “Show all available versions“

Find the required version of the program there, download it, and proceed to installation.

Updating from ZennoPoster 5

A quick update from ZennoPoster 5 to version 7+ is not available, so it must be done manually by downloading the installer from your personal account. The new version will be installed in parallel with ZennoPoster 5. After successfully installing ZennoPoster 7 (or higher), you can uninstall the fifth version of the program.

They will not be lost. ZennoPoster 7 is fully compatible with the old version of the program. During installation, all settings, a list of templates, a schedule, etc. will be saved.

The only thing is that ZennoPoster 7 works with a new format - .zp, which replaced the old .xmlz. Therefore, you may need to re-add projects to ZennoPoster with another recommended extension - .zp, replacing the old ones.

Why is the new format better than the old one?
In the new format, we tried to fix data storage errors that lasted from the first versions of the program. Projects in the new format take up 60% less space and load significantly faster than their predecessor (.xmlz). They also take into account the versioning of all actions. Now there is no need to guess whether the template will work on the old version of the program or not.

When you open an old template in ProjectMaker, it will be converted to the new format. This will leave the original .xmlz file, and create a new .zp next to it. For backward compatibility, in the "Save As" item, you will be able to save the template in the old format.

Yes of course!