ZennoPoster - Demo

Demo limitations

  1. The program works for 14 days

  2. Only one thread of execution available

  3. Proxy usage is disabled

  4. Captchas are entered only manually (you cannot use services like CapMonster cloud)

  5. If you did not enter your email when installing the demo version, projects cannot be transferred to other users: that is, at the end of the demo version, projects will become inoperable.

  6. The demo version is not a replacement for the Lite license: when using the demo, you can test functions, write templates, while debugging (executing a template in ProjectMaker) and executing templates in ZennoPoster\ZennoDroid starts a counter. When this counter reaches a value of 10 minutes, the user is prompted to manually enter a captcha to continue working.

  7. You cannot use bat files to run projects.

If the projects made in the demo version stopped opening in the new demo, or in the licensed version - you can send them to support@zennolab.com with a license email, we will help you restore access to projects for your current license.

How to extend the demo term

If the demo license has expired, you can try again after 16 days.