Uninstallation of ZennoPoster

1.Open the "Control Panel" and select "Uninstall a Program"

2.Select the desired program and click "Uninstall/Change"

A window will open with a list of all programs installed on the computer. Highlight the desired program and click "Uninstall/Change"

3.The removal program will start

In the window that opens, click "Remove"

4.Deletion parameters

In the next step, you can select additional options for deletion:

  • Delete program directory completely
    When this option is enabled, the program directory will be completely removed. Including folder logs and ExternalAssemblies (this directory stores the external DLL libraries connected to projects).
    Example path for the English Pro version of Zennoposter - C:\Program Files\ZennoLab\EN\ZennoPoster Pro V7\

  • Delete user data from AppData
    Most of the program settings are stored in the C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ZennoLab - project settings, schedule, settings for the program itself. If this option is checked, then all these settings will be deleted.
    Also, you can get into this directory via the “Run” window: press Win+R, enter %appdata%\ZennoLab, and press OK.

ATTENTION! The settings in AppData are one for all installed versions of the program! If you delete this directory, the settings will disappear for all versions of the program, and not just for the one you are deleted now!

5.Removing the program

After the necessary removal parameters were selected, click "Continue" and the program uninstalling the program will begin.


After successfully deleting the program window will appear with the notification: