Main advantages

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ZennoPoster allows you to work in a browser in multi-threaded mode. Each thread has independent cookies, cache and proxies. This speeds up work tenfold!

Convenient interface

Thanks to the visual drag-and-drop interface, the program is easy and pleasant to work with.

Auto-record actions

ZennoPoster is based on the execution of a template (set of actions). We have created a unique system of automatic template recording based on user actions in the browser. You will need a minimum of effort to automate your work.

Flexible logic

The templates support logical branching. You will be able to create loops, checks, toggles and control the flow of the template using logical actions. This allows you to create flexible solutions for your tasks.

Powerful proxychecker

You can collect thousands of live proxies for free and choose the best ones using a wide variety of filters and rules. This will allow you to remain anonymous at all stages of work.

Human and browser emulation system

The program generates a profile of a person for working on the Internet. Name, surname, date of birth, e-mail, gender, nationality - all this data is automatically generated by the program. You won't know about many types of protection against bots - the program will bypass them automatically :)

Working with lists, tables, Google Sheets, databases and text files

The program has built-in tools for working with lists, tables (xlsx, ods, csv, you can set your own format), Google Sheets, simple files and databases.

With this variety of tools, you can automatically process a huge amount of information with a minimum of effort.

Maintaining your code

Especially for people who know the C # programming language, browser control classes have been created from their code, i.e. instead of an action template, you can write your own program that completely controls the browser. You can use all the advantages that this language gives you and, at the same time, fully control the browser.

You can:

  1. Write small snippets and use them in C # action code.

  2. Create complete classes with methods and properties in the Shared Code.

  3. Starting from version there is the possibility of integration with Visual Studio.