What ZennoPoster consists of

ZennoPoster is a software package that consists of several applications that allow you to automate your actions in a web browser. This software is suitable for every user - both for an SEO-schnick engaged in promotion on the web, and for an experienced web programmer coding complex bots.

ZennoPoster package includes the following applications:

ZennoPoster is the main application designed to execute automated action templates (bots) in the browser. This application allows you to manage flows when executing templates, use various proxies for your bots, and also has a built-in Schedule planner for executing templates on a schedule.

ProjectMaker is an application for creating automated action templates. It is in it that you will record and automate your actions on web pages. It is quite easy to do this - the program has a set of standard actions (actions) for the web browser, from the blocks of which a template is constructed, as well as an action recording mode, which records all your actions in the browser into the template. The application also allows you to work with lists, tables, Google Sheets, databases, text and other files on your computer and upload them to the web, greatly simplifying the work of SEO specialists.