Notification (Notification / Logging)

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This cube allows you to notify the user of the template about the actions executed in the project. Messages will be displayed in the Log Window.

How to add an action to a project?

Through the context menu Add ActionLogicNotification

Or use smart search .

Where can it be applied?

  • Logging actions in the template

  • Notifying the user about changes

  • Template version alert

How to work with an action?

Message text

This is where the text that will be displayed to the user is indicated. Any macros can be used.

Message level

The only difference is in the icons that appear in front of the message.

In the Log window, you can sort messages by type.

Message color

Added in ZennoPoster

Allows you to select a color for the background of the message in the log window.

In the Log window, you can sort messages by their color.

Show in ZennoPoster

If set, the notification will be displayed in both ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster

If not set - only in PM.

Output to the log only

If set, the notification will be displayed only in the log, but will not pop up on the desktop.

Automatically close after N seconds

The option that is responsible for the time of closing the notification when it pops up on the desktop.

Usage example

For example, you can notify the user about the successful completion of an action, the stages of work templates, the amount of processed data, etc.