Other ZennoPoster settings

Table of contents

General settings

Disable program crash reporting (globally)

Sometimes, due to internal browser problems, the instance crashes, ZennoPoster catches it and restores the crashed instance. If, when the instance crashes, a window appears with a message about the error that has occurred, then there is a chance that the instance will not be able to reboot.

Disable the task settings recovery dialog

Disables the ability to recovery settings in case of an abnormal program termination. We do not recommend disabling this option. It can be useful in a situation when this window blocks the autorun of ZennoPoster.

Ignore scheduler jobs for running tasks

If the project is running at the time of running in the scheduler, then the scheduler task will start only after the completion of execution.

Minimize ZennoPoster to tray

When the program window is minimized, it will be unloaded to the tray.

Monitor threads status

Enables tracking of the state of threads in the program. For statistics. Do not turn on unless this information is required when you contact support.

Compacts the large object heap once every

After what period of time to compress a bunch of large objects. This function is useful when processing large string data. For example, when autosearch is enabled in ProxyChecker.

Automatically continue executing active tasks after restart

Whether it is necessary to continue executing the tasks that were active before the program was closed.

Theme of design

This setting is available only in ZennoPoster!

How to customize the appearance in ProjectMaker read the article - Appearance



Project directory settings

This setting is available only in ZennoPoster!

Projects that will be sold to you by other users will be saved in this folder.

A directory will be automatically created for each seller (either the developer's email or his ZennoLab ID will be used as the name), and project files will be loaded inside the directories.

You cannot manually copy projects to this folder!

Log settings

Disable log auto-scrolling, only when clicking on log record

Autoscrolling of log entries will be disabled only after clicking on a log entry.

Display alerts only in log

Messages displayed using the Notification action will be displayed only in the log, without a pop-up window. Regardless of the action settings.

Show date in log

Additionally show the current date in the log.

Show a notification in the log about a sucessfull execution

Notification in the log about successful project execution.

Show notification in log if the project was not completed sucessfully

Notification in the log of unsuccessful project execution.

Keep records in the hours log

The maximum storage time for a record in the log.

Max records to keep for one task

The number of entries in the log for one task.

Maximum size of a log entry (kilobytes)

Limit on the maximum record size that can be displayed in the log window.

Limit the maximum size of entries in the log file (kilobytes)

This setting limits the size of the record that can be saved to the log file.


Detailed log (Debug information for developers)

Records details of the job, which may be needed when contacting support.


Diagnostic utility (diagnostic.exe) for information when problems occur. After execution, a report.zip file will be created in the ZennoPoster installation directory.

Save settings

Manager for saving the current program settings. To save the settings, you need to start the manager and close the program.

Restore Settings

Manager for restoring program settings which were saved by the save settings manager. It is necessary to start the manager and exit the program.

Reset settings

Reset the current program settings to their default values.


This string consists of a combination of letters and numbers, unique for each version of the program. As well as the release dates.

The value in this field can be highlighted and copied using the context menu (sample under the spoiler)