Selling projects (bots)

Table of contents

Adding a bot for sale

  • You need to go to your Personal Account, section Bots, tab My projects:

  • Add the name of the project (under this name the project will be displayed in the sales panel and in the ZennoBox of the buyer)

  • Select the project file on the computer

Loading plugins

If the added project contains Plugins, then they must be loaded separately.
For this:

  • select the plugins you need to upload.

    • you can select several plugins at once, or add them one by one. To see the list of added plugins, just hover the cursor over the input field:

    • To remove added plugins, click on the cross on the right side of the input field.

  • Click the Upload button

  • After successful loading, a list with the names of the added plugins will appear:

Plugins should not be encrypted because they cannot be re-encrypted. That is, you cannot resell a plugin that you bought yourself.

Loading the bot into the system

After the project file is selected (and plugins, if any), click the Add project button.

If everything went well, your bot will appear in the list:

Selling a bot

Go to the Sales tab to Sell projects :

Customers' email

You need to specify the email or ZennoLab ID of the buyer

Launch platform

Select the platform for which the project is being sold: ZennoBox, ZennoPoster or ZennoBox and ZennoPoster


When this setting is enabled, the template will work for the user until the specified date, after it the user will not be able to launch the project.
You can always renew the subscription of a previously sold project for free.

The date is NOT inclusive. In other words, if you signed out the project before 03.03, then on the 3rd of March the template will stop working, and the message will be displayed in the log: Subscription expired. The subscription is valid until: <here_date>.

Selection of project (s) and their sale

Then you need to select those that you want to sell now from the list of uploaded projects and click the Sell projects button.

When you select projects on the Sell projects button, the amount of the commission that will be withdrawn from your balance will be automatically displayed.

If everything went well, a new record will appear in the Your sales table (at the top of the Sales tab):

Done! Your bot has been sold.

Updating the bot

The bot is updated on the My projects tab.

  • Click on the pencil next to the bot being updated.

  • Select the project file (1) and click the Upload button (2)

  • If the project uses plugins (3), then you need to select plugins and also click Upload (4)

  • If everything was done correctly, the name of the loaded file (s) will be displayed instead of the input field and the Upload button.

  • After the updated files are uploaded to the system, you must press the button in the form of a green check mark (5)

After you update the bot, your clients will see the following picture in ZennoPoster or ZennoBox:

This means that the update will come to them within 5-10 minutes and the bot will be available for use again.

Done! Your bot has been updated.


How to cancel the sale of a project?

ATTENTION! If the refund occurs within 30 days from the date of the sale of the project, then the commission that you paid during this sale will be returned to your balance.

If more than 30 days have passed since the sale, the commission will not be refunded!

After the sale is canceled, the buyer's projects will stop working!

You can do this in the Bots section, the Sales tab, in the Sales Management section, the very first item - Make a refund ... The sales number can be viewed in the Your sales table:

How to renew subscription

You can renew a previously issued subscription on the same tab where bots are sold, only in the Manage sales section.

You can extend it either for a certain number of days or until a certain date. The sales number can be found in the Your sales table , column :

How is the commission calculated for the sale of projects?

When selling one project

The commission is $ 10 from each sale of one project.

When selling several projects at the same time

If you sell several projects to one person at once, then the second and the following projects will add $ 2 to the total commission cost (example: when selling 5 projects at the same time, the commission will be $ 18 = $ 10 + $ 2 + $ 2 + $ 2 + $ 2).

When selling a project with plugins

If the project contains Plugins, then the commission for it will be $12, regardless of the number of nested plugins. If you sell several projects with plugins to one person at once, then the commission is calculated in the same way as when selling several projects without plugins: the first is $ 12, the rest by $2.

Where are the purchased projects located?

The project loading directory can be found in the ZennoPoster (not ProjectMaker) settings: Other tab => Project directory settings.

How to sell a project correctly if nested projects are used?

If your template includes other templates using the Project in project function, then place the nested projects in the same directory as the main project or in one of its subdirectories. And specify the path using the {-Project.Directory-} macro

How to transfer auxiliary files (lists, tables, etc.)?

You cannot transfer such files through your Personal Account. They will have to be transferred to the buyer directly. And in the input settings, provide for the selection of these files.