Content Creation Modules

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Allows you to create content based on the specified text using third-party services. Technologies based on artificial intelligence are able to create text, comparable to human.

Services processed text written in English only.

How to open a window?


  • Through the top menu Edit => Settings => Create Content.


Settings => ZennoPoster Settings => Create Content.

Settings window appearance

What is it used for?

  • Rewriting text

  • Creation of unique content

How to set up services?

Configuring ArticleForge

  1. Create an account if necessary.

  2. We enter the key for identification on the service.

The secret key can be obtained in your personal account

Setting up WordAi

  1. Go to the service registration page.

  2. We enter the login and password of the account.

How to use content creation in a template?

Read more about using these services in your templates in the article Content creation

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