Proxy services

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Quick configuration of proxy services for use in Zennoposter.

How to open a window?


  • Through the top menu Edit => Settings => Proxy services.

Or via the ProjectMaker start page


Settings => ZennoPoster Settings => Proxy Services

Settings window appearance

What is it used for?

  • Quick access to the list of proxy services

How to set up services?

After making any changes, you must restart the program.

Configuring AWMproxy

  1. Register on the service if you don't have an account.

  2. We enter the API key after receiving it in your personal account.

  3. If everything is done correctly, your tariff and the number of days will be displayed in the Status line.

In your personal account, you must specify the IP address from which you will use the proxy.

Getting status

If you made a mistake with entering the data or the account is blocked, the program will inform you about it


  • Wrong Email or Password

  • Account blocked

  • Authorization error! Api-key is wrong2

To correct the error, check the entered data or contact your service provider.

Adding to the project

To install a proxy in a project, you need to add the Get Proxy action or set it centrally in the Project Settings.

Usage example

Getting a list of values from the same site, but different pages.

  1. We register with the required proxy service.

  2. We indicate the data from the account.

  3. Add the Get Proxy action to the project.

  4. Installing a proxy.

Thus, it will be difficult for the site protection system to understand that the same person is working.

  1. Get proxy

  2. Settings

  3. Project settings

  4. Start page