Using a proxy

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ZennoPoster allows you to use a third-party proxy server to work with sites during project execution. This is useful if your IP address is blocked on the target site or if you want to remain anonymous.

How to add an action to a project?

Via the context menu Add actionProxycheckerGet proxy

Or use smart search .

What is it used for?

  • To get a proxy from a proxychecker and install it in a project for anonymity, bypassing locks, etc.

  • To get the current proxy of the project.

How to work with an action?

Active project proxy

The active proxy of the project is the proxy with which the template is currently working; it is installed through the Set proxy action. It can be seen in the browser window, at the very bottom:

When this function is selected, the current proxy of the project is put into the specified variable (in the given variant - {-Variable.taken_proxy-} . Current proxy

Take by rule

When installing, you can choose an option from the drop-down list.

You need to edit the rules in the proxy checker.

If you select the "Without rules" option, then proxies will be removed in the order of the sequence. The “Delete proxy from the live list” checkbox allows you to remove the proxy server from the proxy checker list after receiving it.

The proxy will also be set as the value of the specified variable, in our case - {-Variable.taken_proxy-}

After receiving the proxy, it must be installed through an action Browser settings

Usage example

Imagine a situation in which we need to perform a large number of similar actions on a certain site.

A proxy server is useful for this, it allows us to hide our real IP-address from the security systems of a particular site.