GoodEnd (successful completion of the project)

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The Good End action is designed to perform any additional actions after the successful completion of the project. It can work in conjunction with the Bad End action.

How to add an action to a project?

Through the context menu Add ActionLogicGoodEnd

What is it used for?

  • The project ends with different good endings and they need a common action at the end of the work.

How to work with an action?

In the event that the last cube of the project ended along the green line, the action will go to the cube tied to the Good End.

Multiple run of the GoodEnd at debugging

By default, when debugging, the project goes to Bad/GoodEnd only once. Then, you must restart the project with the “Restart” button.
To be able to run these actions multiple times during debugging, you have to enable the option Navigate to Bad / GoodEnd at multiple debugging in the program settings.