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ZennoPoster allows you to connect and use services for creating unique text - WordAI and ArticleForge . These services use artificial intelligence to understand the text, and are able to do automatic rewriting, the readability of which is comparable to the text written by a human. One disadvantage - the services do not support the Russian language, so their use will be relevant for those who work in the English-speaking segment of the Internet.

How to add an action to a project?

Via the context menu Settings → Create content . You must first configure authorization in services in the program settings .

Or use smart search .

How to work with an action?

WordAi service

In the “Text” field - enter the text for rewriting, select the text generation technology - Regular or Turing and the quality of the text recognition. Additional parameters are set if necessary. The result of the work is placed in the selected variable.

You can find out more about the WordAi service on the official website .

ArticleForge Service


The main keyword and additional keywords are set line by line, the variability of sentences and paragraphs is selected. You can turn on the shuffling of paragraphs and add headings, as well as select the length of the text - from 50 to 750 words.

In additional settings, you can choose to replace keywords with the desired link, set the likelihood of inserting images and videos into the text, the text quality - regular, unique, very unique, readable, very readable. In the “Spinner” column, you can choose 3 methods of text generation - none, regular and turing. You can also enable the modes of rewriting and rearranging sentences. In the column “additional parameters” you can set additional options provided by the service. The result of the work is placed in the selected variable.

You can learn more about the ArticleForge service on the official website .

Usage example

To create multiple pages on a site with unique text, you can set the source text and connect synonym services.

  1. We enter identification data on services.

  2. Add the "Content Creation" action to the project.

  3. Setting parameters for text processing.

  4. We get a unique text for each page.

Thus, we get readable and most importantly unique text for the site.