Input methods

The program has 4 methods to enter characters from the keyboard



Character input works differently on different devices, so we give you the opportunity to choose the best one for yourself. The first three methods allow you to enter any characters, including emoji.

  • ADBKeyboard.

  • AccessibilityService.

  • Native input + Clipboard.

  • Input text.

Technical details:

  1. ADBKeyboard. A third-party keyboard is used. Automatically installed when connected to a device. Allows you to enter characters as if they were typed on a virtual keyboard.

  2. AccessibilityService. Uiautomator2 is used. Allows you to set any value to the field in focus. In fact, it is not a character input, but it simply changes the Text property of the field to the necessary value. It doesn’t work in apps that don’t have a standard element tree, for example, games.

  3. Native input + Clipboard. Characters are entered directly through the IInputManager and IClipboard interface. Cyrillic / emoji input is only possible on Android 7 and higher, ASCII – on any device. Works fast enough.

  4. Input text - analogue of the input text command + added all the necessary text transformations for the correct input of special characters ( < > | ) (and others). Allows you to enter only ASCII characters. Character-by-character input works quite slowly, so it’s better to choose an input type with the «delay» checkbox disabled.


  1. You need to install the app on your phone (the file is in the root folder with the program). Or via the «Install application» action. On some phones, you need to check the box «Allow installation of applications from unknown sources» in the settings, something like this in different variations.

  2. Go to the «Language & Input» settings on your phone and check the AdbKeyboard.

  3. Run «Start virtual machine» action. This should activate the keyboard (appears in any field where you need to enter text – a small notification «AdbKeyboard ON» will appear at the bottom).