Profile processing(ZD)

This article is copied from ZennoPoster reference, because these actions are similar in both programs. Original - Profile processing.

Inside this article, screenshots may meet, internal reference links and other things that belong to ZennoPoster.

Some functions from this action do not work in ZennoDroid. Below, under the spoiler, they will be described.

Variables relating to the browser

The profile has (and they can set a new value) variables that belong to the browser (UserAgent, HTTP headers, browser window sizes, etc.). It is worth keeping in mind the fact that in future versions of the program, these variables will be deleted.

Save profile

It works only the preservation of the basic values of the profile (name, surname, age, etc.). ZennoDroid specific variables are not saved (CpuCount, RAM, PhoneModel, PhoneBoard etc.).
Do not work saving Proxy, local storage, HSTS Super Cookie, IndexedDB.

Saving project variables is available.

Load profile

Show error when loading incompatible profile - It does not have any effect in ZennoDroid.


Does not work in ZennoDroid.

Save profile-folder

Does not work in ZennoDroid.