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Using the side menu, you can filter templates in the project table (finished, stopped, scheduled), by tags (you can set in the Settings tab). To do this, it is enough to highlight the necessary item in the menu.
In brackets next to the status or label, the number of projects that are in this category are displayed.


This number displays the number of all currently running threads in the program for all templates.


The maximum permissible number of working threads simultaneously, for all projects combined. You can change this number in the settings of the ZennoPoster threads | Maximum number of threads


Filtering projects for their current status.
In brackets near the word "tasks" indicated the number of added projects.

Running - permanent templates currently running.
Finished - projects that have successfully completed work.
Stopped - projects, the execution of which is stopped.
Scheduled - projects with a customized and on schedule.


Filtering projects by label. Set the label (s) project in the Settings tab.
In brackets, near the word "Lables" indicates the number of templates that have at least one label.

In brackets near the labels displayed the number of templates to which this label is assigned.

Task Manager

There are referenced tasks from the task manager and in brackets indicate the number of templates in each of the tasks.
When clicking on the task, the templates included in the projects will be displayed in the project table.