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Using this menu, you can manage projects - add and remove, start and stop, set the number of attempts, configure the Task Manager and the built-in ProxyChecker.

Quick Access Toolbar

You can add buttons here for quick access to them. Even if you minimize the main menu with buttons, this panel will still be displayed.
By default, the buttons Add a new project, Run and Stop ProxyChecker threads (proxy collection and check are enabled at startup) and Network Monitor are displayed here.

How to add new buttons here will be described below.

Using the arrow on the right side of this panel, you can hide / show elements without deleting them.

Settings and Projects Tabs

Here you can switch from the projects window to ZennoPoster and built-in ProxyChecker settings.


With this button you can add the project (s) to the program. Once added, they will appear in the Projects Table.

Adding multiple projects at the same time

If, when adding a project, you select several projects at once, the following window will open:

Add to the list\Remove from the list

Using these buttons, you can add new project files or remove unnecessary ones from the list of added ones.

Set labels

Here you can select existing or add new tags. The selected labels will be applied to all added projects. You can read more about them in the article about the Settings tab.


Removes all templates selected in the Projects table.


Opens the Instances tab.

Show Instances

Opens the Instances tab and expands to the entire program window.


Run selected, stopped projects.


Stops execution of the selected projects.

Adding new attempts

Adds the appropriate number of pattern executions to the current value.

When you click on the button with the infinity symbol () for the selected project in the How many to do on the Settings tab, the value -1 (minus one) will be set - infinite execution. The template will work until you stop it or one of the conditions specified in the Stop tab occurs.

Enter captcha manually

Opens a window for entering captchas.


Opens the built-in ProxyChecker control window.

Task manager

Opens the Task Manager management tab.

Open in ProjectMaker

Runs selected projects in ProjectMaker.

Minimize the Ribbon

Using the button in the upper right part, you can minimize/expand the Main Menu (you can also do this using the context menu, described below).

Context menu

To call the context menu, just right-click on one of the buttons.

Add to Quick Access Toolbar

Add the selected button to the Quick Access Toolbar (described at the beginning of the article)

Remove from Quick Access Toolbar

If you right-click on an element that is already on the Quick Access Toolbar, then this item will appear in the first place, allowing you to remove (Remove) this element from quick access.

Show Quick Access Toolbar Below\Above the Ribbon

Allows you to move the Quick Access Toolbar under (Below) the Main Menu and return it back (Above):

Above the Ribbon

Below the Ribbon

Minimize the Ribbon

Minimizing the Main Menu.